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Buying a house is a big step, and can be a complex process if you do not know the law of the country. We can advise you how to proceed in purchasing a house in Spain and make the process easier and secure for you.
The first step is to study and writing the purchase contract. We will verify that your contract complies with the current Spanish legal legislation.
After that, we will carry out a land registry search to verify that the ownership, charges on the property and building permissions are correct.
If you are purchasing directly from the builder, we will obtain a bank guarantee for every payment you make, so if the builder has financial problems before completing the construction, you will not lose your money.

The next step is to give us power of attorney. Whether is you are no able to assist when the signature of the Title Deed of the property takes place, or you need other administrative arrangements, this document will enable us to act on your behalf without you being present.
This is a simple process. We will prepare the Power of Attorney for you and arrange an appointment in the Notary for you to sign it. In case that you are not able to come for this effect, we will send a copy of the Power of Attorney, translated in both languages, for you to sign it before a Public Notary in your country of origin. In this case, the Power of Attorney will need the Apostille of The Hague for the authentication of the document.

The NIE number is a fiscal identification number and it is required by the Spanish legislation for anybody buying or selling a property in Spain. We will help you obtaining the NIE number from the Foreign Office or we will apply on your behalf with the power of attorney, in order to comply with all the requirements concerning the purchase of your property.

Once you are planning to buy a house in Spain, it will make a lot easier to the daily transactions to have a Spanish Bank Account, from buying in the supermarket to automatically bill the payment of the monthly invoices such as the electricity supply, or getting a mortgage. We will help you open a bank account.

The final step is to sign the Deed in the Notary’ office, in that moment you will exchange the balance price and received the keys of the property.
Then, it is necessary the inscription of the ownership in the land registry and paying the tax of the property.

ACC LEGAL LAWYERS will draft the contract, help you in every step and go with you to the Notary to make sure the Deed is properly signed.

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