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Do you have a rented house and the tenant doesn't pay you?

Do you have a rented house and the tenant doesn't pay you?


If you have a rented house and the tenants do not pay you, you can sue after the first non-payment without the need for more non-payments to accumulate.

It is advisable to try to reach an agreement through friendly (but demonstrable) means. That is, we must ship by the following means:

-The burofax to the address of the rented home through the mail with acknowledgment of receipt and certification of the content.

-The telegram with the same requirements.

-The notice by notarial means.

After the period agreed in the notice, if no agreement is reached, the judicial claim procedure could begin. In this process two things will be requested:

-Let the debt be paid.

-That the tenant be evicted if he does not pay.

In this case, a lawyer and attorney are necessary. The main characteristics for tenants who do not pay would be:

-Sue the tenant in the first instance courts.

-The court will notify the home address.

-The tenant could pay the debt at any time before the trial hearing.

If the tenant does not pay the debt, a property investigation will be carried out to seize the amounts that may cover the debt, plus any interest, delays, and costs of the procedure. In addition, the tenant will be evicted by the court itself, indicating a date on which the lawyer and the court official will attend. If the tenant does not leave voluntarily, a second attempt will be made, which will involve the public force.




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