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Do you have a will in Spain?

Do you have a will in Spain?

When a person dies, in Spain, or not, all the assets and possessions must be transferred to his or her inheritors. This is easier if there is a Will.

It is not compulsory to have a Spanish Will, but it is highly recommendable. Why? Because if you do not have a Spanish Will your inheritors will need to direct the case to the authorities of your country and it will be a long process because the judge will have to determinate the law that applies to the the disposal of immovable property such as your house, and that law is the law of the country where the property is situated, so the Spanish law will apply for the house in Spain despite the fact that the process is being held in other country.

Even if you have a foreign Will, we recommend you to have a Spanish Will because it is an expensive and slow process to get your foreign Will recognized in Spain.

Making a Will in Spain can save you a lot of problems and it is the easiest and cheapest way to assign your possessions.
ACC LEGAL LAWYERS will draft the document according to your explicit instructions and will help you settle your Will before a Notary.

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