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Floor clause mortgage, clausula suelo in Spain

Floor clause mortgage, clausula suelo in Spain

If you think that you have been a victim of bank mala praxis in Spain, we offer you a juridical response against these bad practices carried out by banks or insurance companies in the past years. We will check your mortgage and see if you have FLOOR CLAUSE or other abusive clauses, and any other bank documents and we will advice you if there is any abusive clause and the options to claim against this, assuring you of the best result, as there are many legal claims that we have carried out with success against banks of all around Spain.

We promise to fight and defend the rights of the people affected by the banks bad practices:

  • Claims against Banks
  • Floor rate clause (Clausula suelo)
  • Preferent actions
  • Bankia actions
  • Other abusive clauses
  • Stop mortgage foreclosure
  • Claim against insurance companies

Nowadays it is very common that our clients find out that they have a floor clause (limitation of the interest) in their mortgage, therefore you should know that courts are declaring void the mortgate floor clause (clausula suelo) stated on the mortgage deed, and therefore the Banks are returning the overchaged interest paid because of this clause, plus interest, and also the bank must recalculate the loan amortization table, so you will pay less.

Therefore you must know that you can claim for the clause to be declared null and void and also to be paid back the overpaid interest plus interest, and the recalculation of the amortization table.

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